Corky Pig Bank Pat Pend HP Co 1957 PERFECT w/ big coin

The boys have left for College..... and now we have to pay for it!!!!

It is officially, CLEAN UP TIME!

This bank was my husband's grandmother's and we got it when our boys were born. It is an adorable pink and green piggy bank. It is perfect, no chips or breaks.

The cork is in it and could be pulled out but I didnt want to mess with it. Also, the interesting thing is t is a large silver coin, very heavy, that looks like a token or a casino chip from Ceaser's Palace, Las Vegas. I can not read the denomanation and I dont see a date on it, seems old looking, not like the tokens they have now. Anyway, it will have to come out the same way it got in so it now comes along with the pig.


The pig is a greyish background with what looks like a green target or bulls eye with pink in the center. It is about 7.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, it stands over 5 inches tall. The glaze is very high gloss and the colors are vibrant. I like the peacfull look in this bank's eyes. While researching what we have, t were many photos of these banks. I think this one is one of the prettiest I have seen. And remember the hidden treasure that comes with it!

As always, if you need additional photos or information please dont hesitate to email me.