Coronado Model 740 big wood table radio

Nice Coronado model 740 from 1937, a big wood table radio, measuring

211/2" long by 81/2" wide by 111/2" high. It features a right front oval dial,

left front cloth grille with horizontal and vertical bars. 4 wood knobs, 2 shortwave

and BC channel with 7 tubes, AC. The radios tubes all light as well as the dial

lights, but just get a hum out of the speaker. The tuning gang will need new

grommets as the original ones have dry rotted leaving the gang loose. Nice

shouldered sides, the cabinet is in excellent condition for its age, with only a

couple minor chips and cracks on the left and right top(see pics). The dial glass,

dial face, and pointer are in really nice condition also. This is a big heavy radio

weighing 25 pounds unboxed. Thanks for looking in and good luck.