Coronet Head 1850 O Gold Coin 2-1/2 & 1906 Indian Head

Up for bid is a Coronet Head 1850 O Gold Piece 2-1/2 and

Indian Head Penny 1906, there just to show you the size

of this coin gold.

An early pre-Civil War gold piece from the New Orleans Mint.

This coin is well circulated and has 'fine" detail.

Ex-jewelry piece, as removed solder spot evident at the top

of the coin. Nice branch mint example.

84,000 minted.

This coin came from my Father-in-Law who owned

a small grocery store in Philly that he started in 1940's.

I have all his collection to sell now.

The coin was in his Jewelry Box and I had the chain removed

so it would sell easier.

I took this coin to our local Coin Dealer and he verified that this

coin is real.

You will have to be the judge of the condition from the pictures

I combine shipping to save you money

Insurance and Tracking on this coin .

Good Luck