Corvette COR4 5x3- Magnet - PhotoSTEEL

You are buying a 5" x 3" Custom 14 Gauge Metal 1963-1964 Emblem Tool Box Magnet - Looks 3D. Put on your tool Box or Refrig.

Our product is made by using the actual emblem from GM. Because we use a highly detail digital picture all details of the emblem is captured, this includes the glare from the chrome and imperfections in the casting of some emblems. We believe this is what gives our signs that unique look and feel.

General Motors Trademarks used Under License to PhotoSTEEL.

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Transform your own Photo's into PhotoSTEEL!!!!!!!

PhotoSTEEL - " Making Memories Permanent " Imagine a photo processing technology where any picture you wish can be indelibly memorialized in a virtually indestructible metal substrate. It can be done without sacrificing detail or color. What's more, it can be done in any size or shape imaginable giving it a lifelike three dimensional quality not found in conventional photo processing. And the finished product, made from heavy 14 Gauge Steel , gives it a substantial and rich feel that will continue to impress for years to come.

The final product is of high quality with a three-dimensional look and heavyweight feel. It is weather and rust resistant-nearly indestructible. Not a vinyl overlay!

PhotoSTEEL for Anything!
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