Counter Force Gottlieb Pin Ball Pinball!! Counterforce

Gottlieb Counter Force Pinball machine!

4 player coin-op arcade system.

This system is in good condition for it's age. The glass isn't damaged in any way that I can see, and the side graphics are in good condition as well. T are a few bumpers that need replacing, and when the system powers up, everything lights up but the score board shows all zeros across the board and no controlls function. The ball pops out into the shooting trough, but the flippers don't respond. I think it should be a simple fix- I believe it to be a sticking score target on the game board, but I'm not an expert, which is why I haven't attempted a repair- I'll leave that to the buyer so that I don't ruin anything!

If you have any questions or would like better pictures or to come out and take a look at the unit, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm in sunny southern california in Hesperia.

I will ship this item, but have no experience shipping something so large- I will need guidance and a small fee for paletizing or dropping off at the shipping outlet of your choice. Local pick up is preffered. Delivery for a small fee is also offered.

As with all vintage electronics, this item is presented as-is. Please feel free to come and check it out before bidding.

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