Country - Early Look - Homespun Grungy Pantry Towel

Primitive Homespun Grungy Pantry Towel

From My Primitive Home to Yours! I just love the "simple" things in life. Like this primitive towel all grunged up and looking like it just came out of my Grandma's kitchen.
You know they didn't throw anything away, they just put a patch on it and kept using it. This towel is made from a natural Homespun, has holes and tattered edges and a patch just like Grandma would have done. It's been put through a grunging process to make it look like it's right out of the 1800's.
I love seeing a row of them on a peg rack, just like she would have hung hers to dry. Theres a loop in the middle to hang it on a peg or a nail. It measures 22" Wide and is 36" Long.
This towel would also look wonderful hanging out of an old buttocks basket, or laying on your scrub top table with an old breadboard and wooden bowl.
It's the simple things that make a house a Primitive home. All of my Primitive "needfuls" are homemade by me.

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