Up for auction...... ( this auction will be sent Priority USPS as soon as)

***** Retired COUNTRY SANTA w Cowboy hat--- RIDING HORSES WITH GIFTS! ( not sure year this is)

****** This is a beautifully detailed print by Jack Sorenson

******* T is a solid wood medium stain, making it very rich looking. The inner mat is a solid green, with a brownish tone mat on the photo itself. The back of print is still perfect with the paper on back, and the Home Interior logo printed on also.

****** Condition: This print is in new condition. Still in box! No damage what so ever, no scratches, dings, ready to give or hang in your own home.

The photo shows Santa, All geared up as a western Santa with his cowboy hat on, running with horses with toys trying to stay on. This print is so vibrant in color and in detail. Shows the snow being kicked up by the horses running, to the light snow falling down, the reins, to the colorful toys in the bag. Even the breath of the horses is scene, while they run. Time is running out! Rudolph isn't the only one to deliver gifts in this delightful precious print.

****** Print is approx. 18 1/2" X 15 1/2" Sorry for some glare on the picture. If needed I will try to take more, if requested.

******** T is a reserve on this auction..... Good luck with bidding!
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