Couroc Tray Quail in Bandanas Wood Brass Bakelite birds

This is a Couroc tray I found in a thrift store. It features three birds (quail?) in bandanas taking a walk.

Two of the birds are made of one kind of wood while the middle bird is made of another kind. The Moon (or is it the Sun?) is yet another kind of wood. The birds' eyes and feet are brass as is the feather detail on the third bird. Their bandanas look to be oilcloth. T is some slight discoloring on the bandanas which I think is due to the plastic resin soaking into the cloth during manufacture.

This is a used item and t are some scuffs on the front surface.

Size - 12 1/2 inches long by 6 1/2 inches wide. The tray stands about one inch tall at the rim.

Marks - T is a foil lable that says:
Couroc Giftware
Handcrafted for Lasting Quality in Monterey, CA
Unique Couroc designs are pemantently fused
into satin black servingware impervious to alcohol
and boiling water. We suggest you hand wash
in mild detergent and buff dry with a soft cloth to
maintain the lustrous finish.

T is also a mark molded into the back of the tray that says:
Monterey, California


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