Couroc Tray with Mother of Pearl inlay As New Condition

Couroc mother of Pearl Oriental design Tray - As New

This is a Couroc medium-sized rectangular tray in excellent condition with an absolute minimum of surface scratching - beautiful satin finish. 15" x 10.5" with gently raised lip all around.

I have only seen one like this over the last five years and this is it. The inlay is cut from shells and arranged into a very cool Oriental design. T are two labels on this one, one specific to this tray and the other, an old green label. Even though it is quite old (1950's), it has clearly only been used for display. You could give this as a gift, it is practically NOS.

Started in 1947 by Guthrie Courvoisier, the Couroc company produced many different types and shapes of trays, boxes, ashtrays and glassware but their stylistic high-point was in the earlier years (with some notable exceptions). They were acquired by larger corporations (including RC Cola) in the 1970's and design took a back seat to production.

Couroc's founder was involved with the arts until his death in the 1970's. He was one of the first to market Walt Disney animation cels before founding Couroc. For the first ten years or so, Courvoisier ran Couroc a little like an art-commune, employing many skilled artisans. During these early years, the artists carefully arranged bits and pieces of
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