Courvoisier Cognac Erte #1 Vigne with Box~ NO RESERVE !

YOU ARE BIDDING ON A opened Courvoisier Cognac Erte #1 Vigne in the Box.

Can't find the tag.....It was t when I took the photos. If/when I find it I will mail to the winner.

OK...I had to taste it and see just how good this cognac is. Was it worth it??? At the time I guess so.

I will ship it empty....Don't want someone saying I put something in it. It'll be a shame 'cause I'll just have to finish the bottle :o)

UNOPENED BOTTLES OF THIS #1 Vigne(vine) have sold for over $2000.

OK....Now the info I plagerized from around the web:

Edition #1 "Vigne". Designed by Erte, Romain de Tirtoff (ERTÉ) .

VIGNE (Vine)

This first edition, number 1 in the original line of seven, is very hard to find, if not impossible. You will see sets of number 2 - 7 because edition #1 was usually consumed by me:o)

The bottle, gold leaf and hand painted surface is in excellent condition.

What you will receive in this sale:

Original bottle (serial #B1499), complete box* with velvet lining, and bottle hang-tag booklet(if I can find it).

*Some of the corners of the box are repaired. I would say the box is in "good" condition but not perfect.

T are only 12,000 decanters of Vigne existing in the world! The vivid pallet of warm reds reflects the warmth and sensuality
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