Cow Horn Extra Large Mtn Man Black Powder Scrimshaw 756

This horn is you classic black tip horn with a white body. The horn is longer and bigger then most. To make it ever better, the base will round.

The tip is a very dark brown. Whatever you do the color contrast between the tip and the body will be striking. Here is a picture of Rick Froehlich Horn that shows the engrailing and the contrast between black and the aged body.

The curve is very pleasant on this long horn. The body is white with striations and mottling on both sides. Nothing to hurt your scrimshaw.

You will be able to do some light carving on this horn. The best part is that you will be able to round the base with some work.

The body of this horns presents a nice and long and big canvas for a your special scrimshaw.

This is a great horn. It will make an incredible horn with a fancy lathe turned plug or even a lobed horn (Larry Gotkin).

What ever you do with this horn, it will be a presentation grade project suitable for Dixon's or HCH annual meeting.

I will loose my rating if I drop below 100 feedback points in one year. I am way behind because I took a leave-of-absence this summer. I must increase my 6 month feedback numbers from 79 to 100 by March to keep my rating. Please do not forget me after the sale.

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