Cox Babe Bee Model Airplane Engine

Cox Babe Bee Model Airplane Engine

Should you win the bid on several items, I would be happy to combine shipping and handling.

You are bidding on this very samll Cox model engine, with 4 1/2" prop. I think it is a "Babe Bee". Engine is 1 1/2" high. No damage noted.

NOTE: I am listing 12 separate model airplane/car engines here on Ebay. I think they are all COX , and I think they are all from the 1970's, but I am not and expert. You need to be the judge. They were handed down to me about 10 yrs ago in a box marked "COX." ALL of them have GOOD COMPRESSION and rotate easily . I am assuming they are all used. None have been tested . Measurements: All measurements are from the bottom of the metal case to the top of the glow plug.


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