Cracker Jack / Chums Sales Sample Box Early 1900's

Cracker Jack / Chums Sales Sample Box Early 1900's This is the real deal folks, I think it is the only one you will ever see. I have owned this case/box for more then 15 years and have not changed anything . I think the sales man took this box around to stores and took orders for the Cracker Jack Co. When you ordered enough you would get a free item from his bag? I have 3 of these bags that held stuff to go with the box. I believe this is just the way it was used as this is the way I found it. This should really be in a museum . The box is metal with a leather handle and two C.J. stickers on the outside. The box folds out to show the product and the price sheets, it opens again to show the 3 sample bags. I know every one calls t C.J. items rare but this is truly one of a kind. Sold as is but I think the photos tell the story and it could be cleaned up pretty easy. Don't miss the item you will not see one like it again. Yes for those of you who have heard of this item, it's your old C.J. buddy Barry thinning my collection. Items Sales man sold were and are listed on box Chums Sun Set Roasted Peanuts Sur-Prize Candy Angelus Chocolate Marshmallows Angelus Marshmallows Hunky Dory Lemon Drops 1/1 cent D.R. Asst. Stick Golden Crown Mix Banner Mix Baby Choc. Drops Drug. H.H. Stick (Horehound?) De Luxe Creams Broken Mix Choc. Midget Nougats ... read more