Craft - Provincial Undress Regalia

Craft - Provincial Undress Regalia

Comprising: Apron with Badge, Collar and Collar Jewel

All in good condition, but used. The apron is, I believe, lambskin and is a slightly darker shade than it would have been, had it been brand new. It has a pocket at the rear. There is one very small mark at the very top of the flap. The collar has no defects. The regalia is used and as such is not in the pristine condition associated with new items, but the wearer would not be embarrassed in any way by wearing this regalia! The apron bears the badge of a Past Provincial Deacon (East Lancashire) and the collar has a collar jewel for the same rank. The badge has been attached to the apron with adhesive. The badge and jewel apply equally to Past Junior or Senior Deacons.

Brand new from a well known internet supplier, this set of regalia would cost you £124.19

It starts its auction at £29.99 but can be Bought Now for £50

Postage (Signed for) UK £4-50 Non-UK Purchasers please email for postage quotation before bidding.

Thanks for looking, your interest is always appreciated.