Craftsman-style inlaid sewing box velvet pincushion top

Beautiful one-of-a-kind inlaid sewing box, probably from the first quarter of the 20th Century.

I don't know much about this truly lovely box except that it was obviously made by a competent craftsman. It is a sewing box but would also make a lovely trinket or jewelry box.

It is extremely well made and has a warm patina. The box itself is carved out of one piece of wood. The inlay and overlay design is reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts period.

SIZE: The bottom of the box measures 8 and 3/4 inches by 5 and 1/2 inches. It is 5 and 1/2 inches high from base to the top of the pincushion.

CONDITION: Very good to excellent. The box is made of hardwood, possibly cherry, but I can't say for sure. The inlay looks to be made of maple or a similarly light hardwood.

The top platform for the pincushion is probably pine, according to my husband who knows a lot more about wood than I do.

The box is solid, with a brass hinge affixed by screws. The bottom of the box is also screwed on. The pincushion appears to be stuffed with straw or perhaps horsehair as it is relatively stiff. The velvet cover with braided trim may well be a replacement for the original.

There are nail holes on the inside of the lid that I can't explain and some mysterious circles on the bottom.

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