Craig Barr Hand Forged from 1045 steel Hammer pole Tomahawk Hawk Head 2

**** This 1045 carbon steel makes for even tougher hawks than the truck axles did, 1045 makes for a great hawk!!**** This is a great looking Hand Forged Hammer Pole Tomahawk Head ( 2 ). It is stamped with my mark (CB). Sharp and ready to go. I forged this hawk from 1045 steel and heat treated it to 58RC.. Over all 6 7/8" Long. Blade 3 1/8" wide. Drifted tear drop eye will fit standard or traditional tomahawk handles. If You are in need of a handle call to The House Handle Company and ask for product code 052CB Traditional Tomahawk handle. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my other auctions!!! I'm Craig Barr the maker and owner ***Deer mountain Forge****** The hawk in the photos is the one you will receive********* I forge each hawk by hand on a 300lb Fisher Norris Anvil with a 3 lb straight peen hammer********

************ I test every hawk I make to ensure that it will stand up to extreme use, you can view the tests in the videos above. ***********

************* Overseas and Canadian Buyers I ship express mail international Only*********

****** U.S. Buyers I ship Priority Mail*********

****************** Overseas and Canadian and United States buyers I will only except paypal as a form of payment***************

All of our hawks are hand forged by me personally one at a time,
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