Cranbrook Station Pottery Cups/Mugs and Saucers

Cranbrook Station Pottery - made between 1968 - 1973

6 x Cups/mugs & 3 saucers

These are all in very good condition.

Cups measure approx 3.25 inches high and

rim diameter is approx 2.75 inches. (3.75 inches at the widest diameter point)

Saucers measure approx 5.25 inches in diameter.

3 cups have the flower mark as per my photo.

2 cups have the CSP mark as per my photo.

1 cup does not have either mark.

There are no marks at all that I can see on the saucers.

I would prefer to have these as collection only, but if posting is

required it will be in the region of £14. I can be more accurate

when the item is packaged up - so please wait for me to invoice you.

Please email if you require any more information.