NEW Crate and Barrel 50th Anniversary Arzberg Teapot March by Bee Things

CRATE & BARREL 50th Anniversary March Teapot by Bee Things



Husband-and-wife design team Jeff Barfoot and Shay Ometz (affectionately nicknamed "Bee" by her husband) share a harmonious studio and home life in Dallas. Inspired by their common love of nature and animal imagery, they have embraced screen-printing as a medium that simplifies a subject into a stylized and modern form. Known for their monolithic butterfly prints, they were curious to spread the wings of these tiny, intricate specimens on the simple round shape of the Arzberg teapot. "We thought that seeing those butterflies in wild color and texture wrapped around the surface, where the curve creates some depth, was just too cool to pass up."
The Arzberg Teapot has been a Crate and Barrel classic since the day we first opened our doors 50 years ago on December 7, 1962. Inspired by the Bauhaus school, its perfectly simple shape was designed in 1931 for the Arzberg porcelain factory in Germany. A young college student by the name of Gordon Segal first bought the teapot as a birthday present for his mother who loved making tea in the afternoon. When he opened the very first Crate and Barrel store in Chicago with his wife, Carole, he bought it again. And again. And again. In a 12-month
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