Crayola Collector's Tin 72 Crayons (8 Retired Colors)

Crayola Collector's Tin 72 Crayons

Up for auction is this Limited Edition Crayola Collector's Tin issued in 1991 containing a total of 72 Crayons of which 8 are retired Colors. This superb Tin is still sealed in manufacturer's plastic (although a bit frayed) - has never been opened.

"This limited edition Collector's Colors commemorative tin features some of the most famous colors in crayon history. In early 1990, Crayola crayons' classic assortment, a cherished memory of childhood, got brighter. That's when eight new colors were introduced. The new hues were: dandelion, wild strawberry, vivid tangerine, fuchsia, teal blue, royal purple, jungle green, and cerulean. They were introduced in response to children's requests for brighter, bolder crayon colors.

To make room for the new colors in the 64 box, eight others were inducted into the Crayola Hall of Fame in Easton, PA. Those retired colors were maize, raw umber, blue gray, lemon yellow, green blue, orange yellow, orange red, and violet blue. It was the first time in crayon history that any color had been retired from active duty.

Crayola has received thousands of letters and phone calls requesting that the retired colors be made available once again. This tin is in response to the public's request.

This Collector's Colors tin contains
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