Crazy Weather, Serviceman's Edition, 1944

Crazy Weather is the story of a young man who is fourteen and nearly a man ... whose father wants him to take more responsibility for running their ranch ... whose mother wants to send him away to school. So, he runs away with his Mojave friend to make war on the Piutes and win for himself a man's name.
Crazy weather, says the book, only happens in the valley of the Colorado River. Sometimes in late summer a great mass of steaming jungle air rolls up from Mexico, crowding out the dry heat of the desert until it in turn is dispelled by a lightning-riven hurricane. A few hours of this festering heat ripen all the conflicts in a young white boy's mind.
Written by Charles L. McNichols, the hardbound book was published in 1944 by the Macmillan Co., New York. The book's dustjacket has a Buy War Bonds and Stamps reminder on the inside back flap that also suggests the book be sent to a serviceman after the first owner has finished reading it. Bookrate postage is quoted at 3¢ per pound.
The book is in Very Good condition, with very slight edge/corner/spine wear and some yellowing on inside of covers. The dust jacket, although present, has some edge wear/tears. Still, it's readable and quite interesting!