Creation Series 12 PLATES SET by Yiannis Koutsis NR!

NO RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!

Complete Set of 12 Collector Plates " The Creation " Series by Yiannis Koutsis. Royal Cornwall, Ltd. China offered by Calhoun's Collector's Society.

Each plate in MINT condition- NEVER displayed!, all plates in original boxes, with Certificate of Authenticity and descriptive pamphlets.

Every plate in this set is marked #2005CE (which is also the number on each of the plates of the "Promised Land" series I am selling in a separate listing)

Plates measure 9 1/4" dia and are rimmed in gold.

Plate I: In the Beginning (shown in protective plastic)

Plate II: In His Image

Plate III: Adam's Rib

Plate IV: Banished from Eden

Plate V: Noah and the Ark

Plate VI: The Tower of Babel

Plate VII: Sodom and Gomorrah

Plate VIII: Jacob's Wedding

Plate IX: Rebekah at the Well

Plate X: Jacob's Ladder

Plate XI: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

Plate XII: Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream

Yiannis Koutsis has become known as the master of art for collector's plates. Mr. Koutsis' two part "life's work" consists of his first series, " The Creation " offered , and his second series portraying scenes from the Exodus, " The Promised Land " which I am offering in a separate listing .

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