Creature Ate Sheboygan Wargame Monster Rare SPI Rare

Creature Ate Sheboygan Wargame Monster Rare SPI Rare

You are bidding on a rare used game called the creature that Ate Sheboygan. Basically its a Godizilla Type Simulation. I vaguely remember playing/liking this game as a teenager. This game is used and will be sold in a AS IS/W IS fashion. I have no way of verifying if all of the pieces are t, but I ususally kept very good care of my wargames. A very nice game for the wargame collector.

Check my other games I have listed. I'll be liquidating my wargame collection in the next few weeks. I just don't have time to play them anymore. Oh to be a teenager again!


Payment due within 7 days.


This package will be shipped by the most economical method available. Usually this is parcel post, but if the item is light enough it will go first class. I try to avoid media mail whenever possible.
If you want a faster shipping option email me and I'll give you a quote.

Terms of Sale

All items will be attempted to be photographed and described as best as possible. Since we deal in used items t are absolutely no returns allowed.
If you feel t was an error in the item description (that was not accidental, or was a major error) please email me and we can try to work something out (it will involve returning of the item

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