Creekwood Wooden Fingerboard SALE! Yellowood Flatface

This Sale is for 1 Creekwood 2010 Medium Mold Wooden Fingerboard.

Each deck is 5 Plys of Exotic, Domestic, and Dyed woods.

This batch has an Exotic Wood Bottom Ply.

Some are Zebra Wood, others will be Walnut Burl. Both are very nice looking.

We will include 1 Free Sheet of Creekwood Smooth Tape when you buy one of these decks.

This batch of decks is wide, measuring in at 30mm.

Don't pass this up! You will be sorry if you don't get one of these!

Proudly Made in the U.S.A. with over 12 Hours put into each deck.

Thanks for looking! Check out our other auctions to find more steals on Fingerboarding products!

We Ship Worldwide!

Buy two or more decks, and get a free 3 PC of our Creekwood Smooth Tape!