Crest Audio LT1000 Power Amplifier LT-1000

Crest Audio LT1000 Power Amplifier LT-1000

This item is used, it has been tested and it's been inside my rack since

I purchased it new. Sorry, but I can't find the manual since I've moved!!!

Item Description :

Crest Audio LT1000 is a nic e amp. It is capable of handling up 8 channels at 4 ohms loads and above. The Multi-load architecture allows low impedance. It's perfect choice for permanent installations in the following applications: Bars, clubs, restaurants Video conferencing systems Hotels, motels Industrial applications Retail stores Since most amplifiers cannot support loads below 4 ohms. By selecting the appropriate tap on the transformer the user the selects how much power each speaker will receive. The benefit is that multiple speakers can be connected without altering the resistance.


Power into 4 Ohm or 8 Ohms Low mains current draw Compact design allows up to 8 channels in a 2U rack space Cost-effective stereo amp Flexible configuration Easy set-up ACL� (Active Clip Limiting) automatically reduces gain at the onset of clipping to prevent amplifier and load damage Other protection features include: short circuit, DC voltage, comprehensive thermal management, current in-rush turn on/off transient and sub/ultrasonic input
Dimensions 19" W x 3
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