Criss Angel Bent & Broken Fork Magic Trick PROOF Chris

Last June, I was in Mexico (Cancun) when Criss Angel was taping part of Season 2. If you want to watch Criss in Mexico it is on DVD 3 of season 2. Anyways, I was at a restaurant and he was showing some tricks to the people next to us. I asked him to show me something so he took MY fork and started to shake it. The top prongs each bent. He showed that to us and then shook it even harder and the WHOLE top fell off. Thats right, this fork will be delivered to you in 2 pieces, I've always seen only one version or the other (bending the prongs or the top falling off) I've never seen anything like that. Since it was in person I do not have written proof except for the picture he took with me after the trick (below). I will be happy to include a printed copy of the picture of Criss and Myself absolutely FREE. Most people who have seen Criss Angel has seen him do some sort of this trick. If you have any questions, E-Mail me through eBay or at . Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK!!! Insurance is HIGHLY recommended. Thanks
P.S. Criss did this before I started eating so it is clean :-)