Criss Cross Frame Simply to Thy Cross I Cling Sampler

"Simply to Thy Cross I Cling"Sampler Reproduction in
Reproduction Antique Victorian Style Cross Corner Frame with Leaves

To see all samplers, click . Our samplers are very high quality reproductions of beautiful antique originals displayed in a reproduction Victorian-style crossed corner frame with leaves (a high quality, faithful reproduction of the frame most often used to display these samplers during Victorian times). Customers always tell us that it is very difficult to tell our reproductions from their antique counterparts. (you have to look long and hard to know it’s not stitching). The size of our Mottos/Samplers is 7”x17”. These samplers make wonderful home décor items and are very popular with collectors. They also make very special wedding and housewarming gifts.

The antique style handmade wood frames are faithfully reproduced from an antique Victorian-Era original crossed corner frame with leaves. Each frame comes with unique adjustable/repositionable hanging hardware to allow the frame to be easily hung in either direction and a removable stand-up for display on the mantle, piano, or table. Includes glass and backing. This was one of the most popular frames during Victorian times. You often see them in all the decorating magazines and the antique originals are highly coveted by collectors and are very
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