Crocs Beach White NEW M 8/9 W 10/11 LARGE

The beach, the most popular shoe had a big foot in propelling crocs™ footwear toward its legendary comfort status. perfect for standing around all day making a fashion statement. socks are optional.

These shoes are made of a special Patented Closed Cell Resin that warms and softens with your body heat and molds to your feet! The orthotic heel, built-in arch support and tarsal bar position your feet for ultimate foot comfort and health! The Closed Cell Resin material resists bacteria and fungus so NO MORE STINKY SHOES! Slip resistant, will not mark floors or boat decks, and they float! These are the ideal shoes for people on their feet all day! Hose clean or rub with any rubber cleaner to restore original luster.

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All Our Crocs are Authentic!

XSmall fits women sizes 4-5;

Small fits women sizes 6-7 & men sizes 4-5;

Medium fits women sizes 8-9 & men sizes 6-7;

Large fits women sizes 10-11 & men sizes 8-9;