Crosley 1930's Tombstone - Replica AM/FM Radio with CD

Crosley 1930's Tombstone Style - Replica AM/FM Radio with CD Player

Play your modern music in this 1930´s-inspired Tombstone AM/FM radio with top-loading CD player. Solid wood and veneers in a warm oak finish. Hand woven grill cloth. Illuminated dial scale. Analog tuning. This is a well made authentic reproduction. It is a great size to place in just about any spot in the house.

This particular model is VERY hard to find.

BONUS: Comes with the product brochure that lists this item. (see photos)

CR72 Tombstone Features:

Wood Tabletop Tombstone Style Radio It's also updated with AM/FM radio and CD Player The 1930's Tombstone style cabinet with top loading cd player AM/FM radio with analog tuning Hand woven grill cloth Hand rubbed finish Illuminated dial scale Dimensions: Height 15" - Width 13" - Depth 13"

Condition: This radio is in MINT condition. The dial is precise and the CD player was never used. The wood casing has no deep scratches or dings. See pictures below.