Crosley Radio Collector's Edition PEPSI COLA SELECT O MATIC 100 Jukebox Silver

Up for sale today is this Crosley Collector's Edition PEPSI COLA SELECT O MATIC 100 JUKEBOX RADIO.

I put several pics for you to review all the pics - feel free to zoom in and enlarge for details.

As you can see, has original tag.

I bought this at a local flea market. When plugged in, it does light up. When you put a cassette in, you can hear it turning/working. I could not get any sound to come out. It might be a speaker issue but I am not a radio guy. I did not attempt to fix it. The only visual thing I see missing is some sort of button at the very top. I can see a spring but nothing to hold it down. Piece is sold as is.

PLEASE, enlarge, zoom and review all of my items carefully. Apicture is worth a thousand words so look and review especially on vintage goods. It is your responsibility to know what questions to ask and I'll do my best to answer. I can't be an expert on every item I sell. I'll happily answer any questions if needed! Some glass or pottery items may contain common production abnormalities or production swirling, etc. I don't consider these items "flaws". I try to mention anything overwelming that I think might need mentioning, If you are overly picky, please ask questions. Due to people taking advantage of me on ebay, I've been forced to reference these things.

I will
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