Crow (1992 Tundra 1st Printing) #1 VF+ 8.5

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Crow (1992 Tundra 1st Printing) 1 VF+ 8.5
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Crow (1992 Tundra 1st Printing) 1 VF+ 8.5

Publisher: Tundra
Published: January 1992, Original Cover Price: $4.95

Volume One: Pain & Fear. Story, art and cover by James OBarr. Double-sized reprinting of the original, acclaimed Crow miniseries, introducing the deathless spirit of vengeance. Murdered by thugs, Eric Draven is resurrected as The Crow, beginning a methodical campaign of bloody revenge against his killers. This is a first printing. 2nd and 3rd printing exists. Reprintings may be identified by the 2nd or 3rd printing notice in the indicia.

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