Stunning Crown Ducal Art Pottery Bowl..Irridescent Marbled Lustre Glaze Art Deco

Stunning Crown Ducal Art Pottery Bowl

with Irridescent Marbled Lustre Glaze c1930s Art Deco era.

This rare piece of Crown Ducal is both decorative, and functional, and is a feast to the eye of any collector or art pottery wares. The colours are quite stunning with irridescent deep blue-reds to pinks... and blue-greens that shimmer like a peacocks tail feather!

Crown Ducal (A G Richardson & Co, Tunstall)

Best known for their 1920's tableware, including the much collected Orange Tree and their association with Charlotte Rhead, A.G. Richardson & Co. was only established in 1915. Charlotte Rhead worked for them for eleven years or so, from 1931, producing such designs as Palermo, Rhodian, Patch and Persian Rose. In addition to these tube-lined designs, Rhead also produced designs for nursery ware and tableware, motifs from which have been found incised on Crown Ducal vases of the 1930's.

"Through the 1920's and 30's Crown Ducal also produced a range of drip glazed Art Pottery on a limited number of shapes, employing vibrantly coloured, thickly applied running glazes. Deep orange is often combined with yellow and blue over a brown base colour, or the orange may be splashed onto deep turquoise green; a cooler but equally pleasing combination is swirled green, turquoise and blue with
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