Cruchon & Emons 1918 Corps of Engineers Compass

1918 Corps of Engineers Prismatic, Cruchon & Emons Compass

The adjustable prism allows a direct reading while sighting the target with a notch in the prism housing and a line in the glass cover. The dial has a large arrow designating North. It has direct bearings for use as a hand compass and 'reversed' bearings for readings via the prism. It's made of Brass, with a harder alloy on wear points, such as the lever that engages the automatic stop or the tip of the bezel lock. Cardinal and inter-cardinal points are engraved around the outside..

This Compass is in very good shape, with a warm tone to the brass case and no oxidation. The hinge to the cover is smooth and strong. The rear sight is solidly hinged and swings up into place in order to clearly read the bearing . All the screws are in place, no cracks or chips in the glass crystal.

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