Cruiser KARLSRUHE WWII German Photos and Memorabilia



27 Jul, 1926: Laid down 06 Nov, 1929: Commissioned
20 Aug, 1927: Launched 1934: Torpedoes converted to533mm.
Apr, 1936: Suffered hull damage due to structural weakness during a world cruise. Repaired and refitted in San Diego . Beam increased to 54' 5 *" and displacement to 8,350.
01 Sep, 1939: Karlsruhe was being refitted when the war began.
Nov, 1939: Recommissioned.
04 Jan, 1940: Karlsruhe operating in the East Baltic intercepted a Swedish steamer transporting Polish refugees from Riga to Sweden .
07 Apr, 1940: Karlsruhe with 3xTB formed Group 5 in the invasion of Norway . Her objective was Kristiansand .
09 Apr, 1940: Torpedoed by RN SS Truant off Kristiansand at 1900 hours, suffered major damage to both engines, her rudder and electrical system. Scuttled by TB Gbeif at 2150 with two torpedoes.

Items included in this Auction

You are bidding on a variety of items salvaged from the estate of a German couple who lived in San Diego from the late 1920's or early 1930's on into the early 2000's.

*Found were 2 souvenir photos 6.75" x 4.25" each, inside a 7.5" x 9.5" folded folio with rice paper to protect the photo from the opposite side which had the sentiment or givers notes. All is in German so I can't tell
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