Crusoe's Island CA Illus Washoe Browne 1875 Wild West

(Note: First photo is a scan to show you the color of the paper. The rest of the photos taken with old digital camera - was photographed on pure white board which does not look very white.) ///CRUSOE'S ISLAND: A RAMBLE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ALEXANDER SELKIRK, WITH SKETCHES OF ADVENTURE IN CALIFORNIA AND WASHOE by J. Ross Browne. harper & Brothers, Publishers, Franklin Square, New York, 1875. (Entered . . . Act of Congress . . . 1864) Appears to be the first edition. The book does not say one way or another. Buyer must decide prior to bidding in case that is very important. is an amazing book full of adventure and humor. I read a chapter in which the author was quite afraid of the food being served him by a woman who had survived the Donner Party by eating human flesh. This book is filled with dozens and dozens of charming 19th century illustrations. It's a real beauty. Cover measures apx. 7.75" x 4.75". It has some wear and scuffs. The lower edge of the spine has some wear. and t as is to be expected with a book this age is a tiny spot. The outside edge of a few pages has a light stain - about 1/2". A few pages are not at tightly sewn into the binding as they might have been but all is holding together. A good copy, sold as is. (Again - Old digital camera makes pages look darker than they.) _____________________ Please read before ... read more