Cryptex Personalized Puzzle Da Vinci Gift - Original

If you are looking for a thoughtful and appropriate
gift -- for any occasion -- you're in for a treat.

The Encrypta cryptex is modeled after a device believed to have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci as an instrument for delivering private messages. A secret code unlocks the cryptex (by aligning the seven rotating tumblers in a sequence matching the code), providing access to a hidden-chamber key in which a gift-treasure is placed.

Our cryptex is NOT a replica of the cryptex used in "The Da Vinci Code" movie (five rotating disks, labeled with the entire English alphabet). If that's what you are looking for, then one of the other listed cryptexes is a better choice.

Instead, our Encrypta cryptex is a gift item that's revolutionizing gift-giving. It was introduced in 2005 with the goal of creating a gift that:

Is perfect for almost ANY individual and ANY circumstance. Provides as much fun and excitement for the gift giver as for the recipient. Can be coupled with another gift to make it more thoughtful and memorable. Makes the gift opening experience a treasured event. Delivers curiosity, fascination, and intrigue - initially and for years to come. Has almost universal appeal. To learn more about the Encrypta cryptex before placing your bid, we encourage you to visit our eBay store. T you
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