CRYSTAL ARCADE NO. 4 wall mount coffee grinder mill

Up for your consideration is a family heirloom

Crystal Arcade No. 4 wall mounted coffee grinder/mill.

This coffee grinder has the original lid, hopper and catch cup.

This is a rare find!!

Crystal No. 4 is embossed on the glass hopper and ARCADE is written on the cast iron piece. The hopper has 12 flat sides and is in great condition. T are a couple of tiny chips around the rim of the hopper. T are a few bubbles in the glass but this is normal and not a defect. The lid has "Arcade" embossed on it. It has quite a bit of surface rust. The body of the grinder is (I believe) cast iron. It is embossed with "Arcade". T is an adjusting wheel & wing nut on the center of the crank to vary the grind from coarse to fine, and I know it still grinds beans. The body has some rust on it, as well as some scratches and knicks. On the body t is rust around the two screws and the wing nut, some inside the grinder and the metal around the catch cup, the metal w the hopper screws in, etc. The wooden handle on the crank is in good condition with a few dings and a small (2mm diameter at max) paint splotch.

The catch cup is the original one and has "Arcade Mfg. Co. 4 Freeport ILL" embossed on the bottom, as well as "Tablespoons" and their markings embossed along the side. (I have seen the catch cup alone for
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