Crystal Head Vodka LED bottle skull lamp light, remote, LumiBottle changes color

Are you into Halloween? Or maybe you sit around at midnight casting spells while performing various rituals? Or maybe you just enjoy a glass of exquisite Crystal Head Vodka?

Okay, then - this is it! What a great gift! This is for all the Crystal Head Vodka fans out there. Display a prized Crystal Head Vodka skull bottle in real style. This fantastic LumiBottle chan ges co lors or may be set to whatever color you desire!! All from the convenience of a remote control!

This is the distinctive 750 ml Crystal Head Vodka skull bottle. The bottle cork and rear Crystal Head Vodka label have been preserved. A unique, crystal layer has been added to the inside of the bottle. It reflects and disperses the light beautifully. Crystals inside the Crystal Head - what could be better?The bottle is illuminated by high-powered , light-emitting diode (LED) system that includes a remote control ! The remote allows you to control on/off, color, brightness, and mode functions while you sit back comfortably with drink in hand! Remote mode functions include: flash , strobe , fade , and smooth . Wow! The pictures do not do this bottle justice - it really looks so much better in person. This bottle is awesome! ! This bottles plugs right into your household AC power with a standard, polarized, two-prong plug. The six foot cord includes a
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