(A-CS) GAF View Master Lot of Reels, Mail In Forms and Case

Up for sale is View Master Lot. In this lot you will receive the following items:
(1) View Master Plastic Storage Case - Has multiple marks on the top, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sticker on the side (1) View Master (1) Adam-12 3 Reel Set - Has Paper Storage Case in Poor Condtion with tears along the edges, Instruction Book has multiple bends and creases all 3 Reels are in tact (1) Lassie Look Homeward - Part of Paper Case is torn off, Missing Reel 1. Instructions are bent, Reel 2 & 3 are in tact. (1) Laverne and Shirley - No paper case, Instructions are in Great Shape and all 3 Reels are in tact (1) Harlem Globetrotters - Paper Case is torn and can not hold slides proper, No Instructions and all 3 Reels are in tact (1) Christmas Story - Paper Case is torn off on bottom and reels do not sit in. Instructions are included and all 3 Reels are in tact (16) Out of Print Reels (5) GAF View Master Mail Order Forms

The 16 Out of Print Reels appear to be in a different View Master Envelope and has a Sears marking on the bottom left hand corner. These are the following Slides that are in the package, all of them have a Out Of Print Stamped on the reels except for Bazooka Joe and the Preview Reel. Here is the list:

View Master Preview Picture Reel (Has Pics of Walt Disney's Robin Hood, Disney Castle, Flintstones, Charlie Brown etc.
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