CT PHOTO arz-974 Gasoline Station White Bluffs Washington 1943

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Item No: ARZ-974-CT
Scan Size: 8" x 12"
PHOTOGRAPH DETAILS Item No (SKU): ARZ-974-CT Subject(s): Gasoline Station White Bluffs Washington 1943 Subtitle: Chicago Tribune Archive Photo Scan Size (in): 8" x 12" (approximate, to nearest inch) Photographer: View Similar Auctions: Gasoline Stations , Business , Data Capture: ARZ-974-CT 2020;Business|8539;Gasoline Stations Gasoline Stations|Business 2012week31 ft. y i i H jrc n WW BrTi IfctTi . B 4A i /// XI i Mobiloil ARZ 974 CT 77H70 /vji C i 27 93 i m APN SUNDAY ILLUSTRATIONS 50 ROCKEFELLER PLftZft NEW YORK N.Y. 10020 ftp NEWSFEATURES PHOTO PLEASE CREDIT For use Sunday March 7 1993 with Nick Geranios Richland Washington APN story slugged Hanford 50th. WHITE BLUFFS THEN fin unidentified man stands before a gas station in White Bluffs Washington in this early undated photo. Along with Hanford White Bluffs was purchased and obliterated by the federal government in 1943 to make room for the Manhattan Projects plutonium plants to develop the
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