CT PHOTO aum-584 North Korean War Tanks

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Item No: AUM-584-CT
Scan Size: 7" x 9"
PHOTOGRAPH DETAILS Item No (SKU): AUM-584-CT Subject(s): North Korean War Tanks Subtitle: Chicago Tribune Archive Photo Scan Size (in): 7" x 9" (approximate, to nearest inch) Photographer: View Similar Auctions: Korean War Tanks , Korean War , Korea , War and Military , Data Capture: AUM-584-CT 127;War and Military|131;Korean War|20780;Tanks Korean War Tanks, Korean War, Korea, War and Military 2011week03 J r 1 2 liiTi s r j r I W 1 . 7 Sk aum 584 ct V / /r a / a w 950/Q 1. / / A a a s o e C new yc k bureau AIR PCliER T KES i TS TOLL SOUTH KCRE fTw angled truck a burned out T 3U tan and other demolished red equipment lie abandoned by the side of the road near the ve r testifying to the effective f ess of un tecjnuati ons air power. captured jmorth korean troops are reported to have said erial scourge more than any other aspect of battle NY CHI CREDIT DEPARTMENT DEFENSE PHOTO FROM ACNE 9/28/50 WB1 See front and back scans for additional information about this photograph
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