Cube-A-Libra (Bewildering Blocks) - Magic Trick

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A classic, now beautifully remade!

Show two sets of blocks numbered 1 through 6. Show each block separately , then stack one on top of the other, in order, 1 through 6.

Next, display a nicely decorated wooden tube and show it empty. Place the tube over the first stack of blocks. Rearrange the second set of blocks in a completely different number sequence. When you uncover the first stack, it is rearranged to exactly match the second set !

As if that weren't enough, you can repeat the effect several more times. Each time both stacks of blocks end up in the same numerical sequence .

You can even have a spectator call out the numbers in any order. Still the second set of blocks exactly matches the first set!

The pros know just how amazing this effect is! One climax after another. Bam. Bam. Bam. The applause will be deafening!

Made with the precision you have come to expect from Harries Magic , you will absolutely love performing this routine. And, your audience will love it as well!

A beautifully made piece of apparatus. One you will be proud to own and perform.