Cuckoo Clock German Black Forest working Hunter 8 Day CK1270

Genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Presented by "The Cuckoo Clock Whisperer"

A very nice Hunter 8 Day Black Forest Cuckoo. This clock has been cleaned, oiled and refurbished. All of my clocks are tested for two days before they are put up for sale. If you are looking for a cuckoo clock that will run for years, buy from The Cuckoo Clock Whisperer. I include setup instructions with all of my clocks, they tell you exactly how to get your cuckoo set up and running in no time.

This clock is 16" x 11" in size.

Cuckoo Clocks are very sensitive and you have to be patient while learning how to get them positioned right on the wall. I have done a video called "Cuckoo Clock Sweet Spot," on you tube. If you get your clock and have problems getting it to work contact me by selecting "I have a question about using my item," rather than just asking to return it. E-bay has a new seller rating system that penalizes you for every returned item. Most clocks that I get returned are working just fine, the buyer either didn't have the patience or just didn't want the clock after getting it. If I have to I will call you and get the clock working over the phone. I want you to be happy with your cuckoo clock!

Make sure you check out the other cuckoos I have for sale. I always have a great variety to choose from. I specialize
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