Culpepper's English Physician-HERBAL Remedies-c. 1790

The English Physician Enlarged. with Three Hundred, Sixty Nine Medicines, made of English Herbs that were not in any Impression until This. Being an Astrologo-Physical Discourse of the Vulgar Herbs of this Nation; containing a compleat Method of Physick, whereby a man may preserve his Body in Health; or Cure himself, being sick, for Three-Pence Charge, with such things only as grow in England, they being most fit for English Bodies.
Herein is also shewed these Seven Things, viz. 1. The Way of making Plaisters, Ointments, Oils, Poultices, Syrups, Decoctions, Juleps &c.. 2. What Planet governeth every Herb or Tree (used in Physic) that groweth in England. 3. The Time of gathering all Herbs, both Vulgarly and Astrologically. 4. The Way of drying and keeping the Herbs all the Year. 5. The Way of keeping their Juice ready for Use at all Times. 6. The Way of making and keeping all Kinds of useful Compounds made of Herbs. &. The Way of Mixing Medicines... By Nich. Culpepper, Gent., Student in Physic and Astrology. London: Printed for J. Barker, in Russell-Court, Drury Lane, et al. Circa 1790.
Some early Culpeppers did not carry a publication date, but this Barker edition has been dated to 1784-1790 based on bibliographic research, the asking price of 3s ., etc.
Leather, 348 pages complete. A crack all the way
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