Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk , Built & finished 1/72 scale

I am having to, reluctantly, downsize my collection, primarily to make room for future builds, hence i have for sale this rarely seen floatplane, the American Seahawk. although 566 were made and served in the u.s. navy for quite atime, information on the web is sketchy so i cant be certain of unit details; i beleive this plane served aboard the USS Birmingham CL-62, circa 1945. The model was carefully assembled and then painted in humbrol enamels applied by airbrush of course, canopy neatness being maintained by use of tape masks, except on compound curves(just wont work) ; the finishing touch being an ariel wire fashioned in the time honoured method of heat stretching sprue to human hair thickness, or as near as poss anyway. the model will be dispatched, diligently packaged against the rigours of the post office, in a box lined with bubble wrap and filled with oodles of polystyrene balls or beads; i would hate to think of all my effort falling foul of some ham-fisted postal worker. Unfortunately i cannot guarantee that a spot of glue wont come in handy should the odd small part come adrift. Now the tiresome bit.

I always obtain proof of posting , send all models recorded delivery so i cannot be held responsible for any loss while in the hands of the post office, after all they are legally responsible once its their side
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