Cushions for 670 Charles Eames Herman Miller Lounge

This is a full set of cushions from a 670 Charles Eames Herman Miller Lounge Chair - I am guestimating from the 1960-70's. The cushions are in excellent condition free of cracks or other issues. The patina is matte black with the slide hangers. I purchased these cushions as a second set of vintage ones to have on hand if I had any damage to my personal lounge chair. SInce it appears that this will not be the case, I have decided to resell. I do not know what the inner cushions are made from (foam or down) and have not attempted to look as the zippers are not easy to use due to age. I can say that my personal lounge chair is down and these appear to be more firm, although they appear hardly used so I am not certain. The only issue I can note for accuracy is that the arms have a couple scratches in the leather and a couple indentations (like if you were to place a fingernail in the leather it would create an impression). Otherwise this is a terrific set of cushions for these superb lounge chairs. Note the rectangular openings to fit the Herman MIller rectangular clips. Plenty of pictures are included for your convenience. Any shadows in the leather that appear is smudge or damage are imperfections with the pic, not the cushions. International Shippers Note : Due to the size of these cushions they will need to be shipped in 4 separate

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