Custard Souvenir Toothpick Coney Island Waconia Minn

This is a nice custard glass souvenier toothpick holder from the early 1900's. It features "Coney Island" in Lake Waconia, Minnesota. I'm sure you folks From Waconia know all about Coney Island, but for the benefit of others, the "Coney Island of the West" was a hotel and resort complex located on a large island in Lake Waconia in the late 1800's-early 1900's. It was a popular tourist destination for people from the Twin Cities area. It was "out in the sticks" back then, and rail lines carried passengers from the Cities. This piece is in very good condition with no chips. nicks, or cracks. T is a small scraped area on the decoration, at the point of the pen in the photo. The decoration is otherwise very good. Typical wear the gold on the rim. T is vertical ribbing on the inside. 2 3/8" tall and 1 3/4" diameter. A fascinating bit of Minnesota history.