Custom 1/1 Bruce Willis Die Hard W/ A Vengence DVD 12' 1/6 Action Figure

Really hate to let this one go but decided to let this Grail go to a DH fan.

This figure is the " Definitive Willis " figure. The figure plays homage to Willis 3rd film in the DH series

The figure include:

1- custom Willis Headsculpt with detail sweat and bruise HeadSculpt

2- screen accurate blue shirt, pants and boots

3- custom made leatherette gun holster w / 2 sidearm exactly like the movie

4- custom DH stand

5- Hot toys neck less body with blood and sweat stains �

6- screen accurate white weathered stain undershirt �

7- screen accurate police badge and watch �

I will let you guys decide if this is " Bruce Willis "

Tx for looking

Tx for looking�