CUSTOM 6 1/2"x11" ACRYLIC DISPLAY-Uncut US bills(4x$20)

4 brand new uncirculated uncut authentic U.S. $20 bills (new colorized version - series 2006) in a beautiful quality acrylic frame suitable for display. The acrylic frame is a custom fit for 4 bills (6 1/2" x 11"). Since it is acrylic you can view either side of the bill. It makes a great gift for that someone who has everything but would never buy this for him/herself. It also comes with a color information sheet describing a lot of detail about key items shown on the bill.

Think of the fun you can have displaying and talking about your piece of art that even in the worst of times you can cut up and use as legal tender (Just kidding).

The information sheet discusses all the features on the US $20 bill - colorized - safer, smarter, more secure.

Portrait and vignette of Andrew Jackson. Watermark (hold to light and can Hamilton from either side) Color-shifting ink (lower right corner), changes color based on angle Low vision feature (large 10 for those visually impaired) Microprinting (w to look) - not easily copied Security thread (hold bill up to light, what it reads as well as color under ultraviolet light) Federal reserve indicators - Universal seal Serial numbers Color - the most noticeable difference on the new bills - both front and back Symbols of freedom - images of the torch (large and small metallic)
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