Custom 69 Mustang Fastback Hot Wheels USB Flash Drive B

.... Thanks for Looking...... This will make a Perfect Gift for any Car Guy /Gal, IT Tech, Student, or anyone that uses a Flash drive.This is a 4Gig USB Flash Drive made from a Toy Car . I have made these for friends for a while now and thought that I would pass on the fun to you. Also there will be a LED on the inside that will flash when in use. I also make flash drives in different Drive Sizes and out of other items. If there is a type of car that you would like to see made. Let me know. If interested in a one of a kind drive please send me a message or check out my small website.

If you would like a larger drive size. Please let me know. 8Gb is $5 more and 16Gb is $18 more.

Also Please understand that this is a hobby for me. I work a full time job and make these because I love to here how well people like them. These are hand made from the car you see. I put the highest quality in to these. All are tested on over 10 different laptops and PCs to make sure that the USB end extends far enouph out that you will not need a extension cable. I stand behind all my work and never put out anything that I would not be happy with my self. I also make sure that the drive is formated with no Adware or Viruses. I try my best to get these done and shipped in around 5 days after payment. If you need it shipped sooner please
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