Custom American Flyer tender with Dallee #400 Electronic Reverse Unit

Up for bids is an American Flyer Atlantic or Pacific tender "project" with a DALLEE 400 ELECTRONIC REVERSE!

Here is another odd one from my abandoned project drawer. Tender frame, trucks and weight are original AF parts in good condition. Drawbar is a newer reproduction unit. The shell is without cracks, missing the coal pusher and has the AF white goo on it that will come right off. Consider it a protective casing for shipping the electronics. The DALLEE #400 e-unit was purchased new for $44.95. Then I put it all together with screws, bolts and tape. It worked great, but I disassembled the host loco for some other project and never got back to making this more permanent. The good news is if you don't like it with my level of "custom craftsmanship", it will all come apart readily for whatever you need. Includes the original DALLEE instructions and extra two wire plug.

A VERY NICE LOT OF PARTS, or use it "as is" like I did. Please bid with the description in mind.

I've included several photos to show condition. Study photos carefully, what you see is what you will receive!

This is offered "as is" with no returns.

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I have merely guessed at an amount for the lower 48. If it is more, I will eat the difference and if it is less I WILL REFUND THE EXCESS BACK TO YOU. Please
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